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Garden decoration: Funny gnomes instead of dreary boredom

Gnome I like me

Are you looking for a new decoration, something unusual?

How about a gnome figure for the garden? We at Gartendekoparadies have here certainly exactly the right thing for you or rather: the right person.

Especially if the famous gnomes are too serious for you, you are exactly right here: gnomes are always funny, do not take life and especially themselves too seriously and have superpowers.

A beautiful garden decoration that will always put a smile on your face, no matter how dreary the weather may be. With this sight you can not help it.

Each gnome figure is different

Each figure is made of white concrete / cast stone and yet no two are alike. Which of these rogues do you prefer? A lying "slacker" who prefers to watch the flowers and insects in the garden, or yet the "I say nothing" who has once again done something and hopes not to be caught? Or would you rather have it like the "I'm busy"? There's a gnome - or gnome family - for everyone here. Depending on the outfit, a gnome figure weighs between 2.5 and 25 kg. Thus, the funny little men are stable in most places in the garden and easy to transport from place to place, if you ever want to move them.

Get to know your new garden friend

You'll probably have a hard time deciding. Our gnomes will be happy to make a decision for you, they all get along great so there is no hassle in the garden if you buy more than one.

The little rascals are connected in their mischievousness and therefore on a harmony level.

Combine the gnome figures with each other or choose a single one - you are spoiled for choice, which only speaks for the beautiful stone companions.

Genuine handmade with attention to detail

All of our gnomes from Gartendekoparadies are handcrafted and neatly finished, so not only do they look good to you, but they are also durable and won't cause injury if ever moved. Nothing here stands up or down, everything is smooth and finished with attention to detail. Real favorites that you can find here.

So you can easily fall in love with the right gnome for you, or even several. You will be delighted day after day. Here quality is program and you will recognize this when you hold your gnome in your hands. A love for life - with one of these little rascals no big problem. Maybe one of them will make you want more gnomes - jealousy is no problem then either. Just enjoy walking in the garden or put your gnome somewhere else in the outdoor area. You will love being greeted by a gnome.

Gnome lazybones small
Gnome I'm cold

A gnome figurine - decoration for the whole year.

The gray gnome figures are discreet and fit into any garden. Sometimes draped a bit more eye-catching, sometimes discreetly hidden, here each gnome works all by itself, in the midst of all the flowers, trees, shrubs and bushes that can be seen in the garden. In addition, you also get along well with other garden figures or other decorative elements. As the seasons change, the gnome figurines always look different due to their surroundings and this pleases not only you, as a garden lover, but also the guys themselves.

The gnomes are also weatherproof, colorfast and frost-proof down to -30 °C. Another superpower, besides their nice, funny or mischievous look. With us from Gartendekoparadies you will therefore find a wide selection of gnomes, but also other figures and the like for your garden can be found in our assortment.