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Large baroque style plant bowl

Great variety for the colorful garden world

Every year, when the ice saints are over, garden lovers' hearts skip a beat:

Finally all flowers, shrubs and herbs are allowed to stay outdoors again. Most of them are then magically drawn to the nurseries. Stop: Stop for a moment! At gartendekoparadies.de you can be inspired: Elaborately decorated flower pots and plant bowls, high-quality amphorae and vases, playful flower baskets or simple, high-quality plant pots for arrangements - gartendekoparadies.de sets no limits to your imagination with this variety.

All vessels are lovingly patinated by hand. And: all containers — like all products at gartendekoparadies.de — are frost-proof. You can also stay outside in winter and enchant your garden with a planting of hardy plants in frost, ice and snow.

Exclusive and extraordinary

Extraordinary and exclusive decorations are in great demand not only in the house but also in the garden. In the extensive range of gartendekoparadies.de you will find rarely seen or long-sought decorative elements.

For example this flower or plant pot: Two cute angels adorn the shaft, the plant bowl is enthroned above them. An impressive arrangement is created with partly overhanging and also high flowers.

The bird bath in the form of a maple leaf is also unusual. The bowl can also be planted. The frost and weatherproof planter impresses with its handcrafted maple leaves and is a real eye-catcher. Especially in places in the garden where height is required for visual reasons, this sculpture creates special focal points. And: the neighbor's kitty has no chance of disturbing birdies while bathing.

Heavenly messengers in the garden
Boy and girl as planting pillars

Create height with planters

Every garden needs structure and needs to be well planned. A special design element are flower columns or high planters and flower pots that create height, enable visual axes or put a special plant in the right light.

Just like the boy as a flower pillar, carrying the plant basket on his shoulder. With a planting of hanging geraniums, combined with tall daisies, it sets wonderful accents. The magical stone figure with the original clothing can be supplemented with a girl as a flower pillar.

Tall planters like the plant vase with a flower pattern also draw attention. Especially when they are planted with slender plants such as hollyhocks or delphiniums. But even hardy plants form a harmonious overall picture with the vase in a classic shape. Advantage: This arrangement can stay outside in winter because the container is frost-proof.

Simple elegance or opulent in a set

It doesn't always have to be a magnificent flower or planter: many garden lovers are also enthusiastic about simple elegance. After all, the plant should be given the appropriate frame or a counterpoint created in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony.

The modern square planter with light and dark gray color gradients is ideal for this. It skilfully sets the scene for lush summer flowers, but also for slender shrubs such as boxwood. If you want something more, you can find plant and flower pots in sets at gartendekoparadies.de.

Also simple but elegant: two square planters or two stone vases in a set. The three differently sized flower pots with a sunflower motif promise sunny prospects. For example, on stairways, they create highlights with the same or different plants. The pots are also available individually.

Modern square planter
Golden Planter

"Character pots": Flower pots with a very special radiance

Your neighbors will be amazed: five plant and flower pots at gartendekoparadies.de have a very special radiance because they are designed in the shape of heads - quasi "character pots".

The planter in the shape of a lion's head is sure to catch the eye. A mighty crown adorns the lush mane, just as the king of beasts deserves. The color scheme in three variants is also particularly elegant: the plant pot is available in an almost bronze-colored gold tone, in gray and black-grey.

You can put the crown on two other flower pots in the garden or on the terrace yourself: a female and a male head are looking for the right hairstyle. May it be a bob haircut for the lady or a bouquet of roses? Instead of a laurel wreath - which, after all, belongs to victors and exceptional people - the Lord can also be adorned with a laurel plant.