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Garden decoration

New garden decoration trends in your gartendekoparadies.de

The garden season is picking up speed and this is a real ray of hope in times that are anything but unproblematic. In our garden we can fully realize and relax like almost nowhere else. Everything blooms and greens and one or the other gardener or gardener even manages to provide himself with vegetables and fruits. But it is not only the plants that make the garden. In addition to beautiful, durable and comfortable garden furniture, it is above all the high-quality garden decoration that makes our garden an individual and very special place.

Big Buddha monk statue

High quality garden decoration trends as eye-catchers

However, not all garden decorations are the same. What we mean is not colorful balls in the flower beds or plastic ducks in the garden pond, but high-quality sculptures with an antique character made of stable and durable mineral materials such as cast stone or white concrete. Such sculptures or architectural components based on antique patterns can transform the garden into a fairy-tale world or a place magically removed from space and time. Depending on the choice of such sculptures, the garden will become an ancient place not far from the Mediterranean, a baroque place with angels, or even a Zen garden as in the Far East of Asia.

High quality selection of figurines and decorations

The gartendekoparadies.de offers you a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing selection of figurines and decorations to suit your taste and shows you the latest garden decoration trends, with which your garden will become an even more beautiful and relaxing place. You can create beautiful niches with great eye-catchers, be it by the garden pond with a bench, under a pergola with flowering blue vine or near the garden pavilion.

Buddhist tranquility and heavenly peace

The garden is our own personal retreat. Here we want to find peace and forget the often grueling everyday life for a while.

Buddha figure with large bowl
Buddha bust with namaste gesture

Buddha figurines, for example, help us to an inner contemplation and spread heavenly peace in our own little paradise. Among the latest garden decoration trends in your Gartendekoparadies.de are in any case Buddha figurines with their Far Eastern appeal. The Awakened One, that is Buddha, was the sage of the Shakya family and a truly peaceful founder of religion, of which the world would have needed or could have needed more.

The perfection of his mind, his wisdom and his deep compassion made the world a peaceful place. This is exactly what the garden is meant to be, a place of contemplation and inner reflection. A bust of Buddha or a standing or kneeling Buddha watches over the garden owner and creates an atmosphere all its own. A seated Buddha with a bowl can provide water for the birds and encourages us to pause.

Antique columns, pedestals and angelic figures

If you like it less Buddhist, you can find equivalent alternatives in gartendekoparadies.de, which also provide a special atmosphere. Garden decoration trends still include antique columns and pedestals, as well as enchanting angel figures. An antique column, as it once stood in Olympia or Athens and still stands there in part and has survived for millennia, is a high-quality decorative object that can be used simultaneously as a shelf or even as a pedestal for a plant bowl. The same goes for elegant round columns with typical antique fluting. A beautiful eye-catcher can also be a small angel on a pedestal or the bust with a dreamy human face, which the gartendekoparadies.de has newly included in the range. This also applies to the three monkeys, which represent the human weaknesses of not wanting to hear, say or see anything.

Angels on the pedestal looking left


The new garden decoration trends will transform your beautiful garden into a magical place with a very individual imprint. The high-quality figures and elements based on antique models are made of sturdy mineral materials, patinated by hand and one hundred percent weatherproof, winter-proof and guaranteed frost-proof.