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  • +49 (0)7195 9071179
  • Free shipping within Germany
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  • Excellent service and quality

More about us

Our passion – cast in stone

Team gartendekoparadies.de

Our passion is cast in stone: As an online retailer, we have been enriching garden paradises across Europe for many years and setting trends with flower and planters, figures, statues and sculptures of all kinds made of cast stone. When selecting our products, we benefit from our many years of experience in dealing with stone figures, our great passion for our work, the performance of our suppliers and the reliability of our forwarding agency.

We attach great importance to quality, service and customer satisfaction. The many extremely positive ratings and the feedback from our enthusiastic customers on ebay , amazon and trustetshops underpin this claim. In the past twelve months alone, more than 2,000 customers were 100 percent satisfied with our high-quality products and our wide range of services.

We hope you enjoy discovering and shopping!

Antonia and Mike Weber

Development of our company

Cornerstone of our family business


Antonia Weber begins her training and work as an assistant to the management at one of the most renowned manufacturers of stone figures in Poland. Due to its high production quality and delivery reliability, the company is still a valued and largest supplier of gartendekoparadies.de.

Founding of gartendekoparadies.de


gartendekoparadies.de was founded on July 1, 2011 with the opening of the online shop at www.gartendekoparadies.de.

Our exhibition in Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg, will open on April 1st, 2012.

Our entire family, friends and employees developed a great deal of passion and love for our items when we opened our showroom in Winnenden and also while it was running. To this day we are very grateful to all the helpers.

Opening our shipping warehouse in Guben


On February 1st, 2017 we put our new shipping warehouse in Guben, Brandenburg, into operation. This step was not only necessary because of the significant expansion of our range to more than 700 items in the meantime. Due to the proximity to our suppliers in Poland, we have also significantly increased our performance and delivery capability.

Today we employ a total of 6 people in our dispatch warehouse in Guben.

Warehouse in Guben

Opening of our office in Winnenden


On November 1st, 2020 we opened a new, modern office in Winnenden, Baden-Württemberg, for the organization and administration of our company as well as for answering your inquiries, orders and complaints. We are at your disposal here by phone or email. We employ a total of 3 people in Winnenden.

Cast stone - machined and patinated

Stone casting

All of our figures and sculptures are made using the stone casting technique and then elaborately processed and patinated by hand.

Stone casting is a sculptural casting technique. First of all, stone casting means that additives mixed with binding agent and water are filled into a hollow mold and, after demoulding, a sculptural work of artificial stone is created.

Modern artificial stone consists of cement, water and aggregates – i.e. sand and gravel.

The cast stone is 100 percent frost-proof and weather-resistant.

Impressions of our product variety