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With stone statues in the garden live your creativity.

If you want to decorate your greenery neatly, you can put garden statues in any places in your garden.

On the terrace, at the entrance of your house or on the bank of the garden pond, different statues will create their own atmosphere.

Depending on the ambience you want to create, you can place large or small realistic figures and mythical creatures in a place of your choice and leave them all year round.

Statue of Venus by Antonio Canova

In gartendekoparadies.de buy high quality stone statues

Figure of a mysterious wood sprite

Local places offer pretty, but often few statues made of stone. If you prefer variety, online you can enjoy the facet richness of classic and extravagant garden statues and pick your favorite.

Standing Terracotta Warrior

The variety of products allows you to combine different models and create a unique collection for your garden. In your set you can even include famous brands, whose originals attract visitors from all over the world to museums.

Große Moai-Stein-Statue erinnert an Osterinsel

Appearance and quality should harmonize with each other, so when you buy the figurines in the virtual "gartendekoparadies.de" you can count on high quality of the makes.

Stone statue of the divine Ganesha

White concrete for stone figures - the quintessence of first-class models

The material owes its name to the white color, which results from the processing of light-colored raw materials. Manufacturers mix the lightest possible components together to obtain the white hue, for example, with the help of white cement.

The very low-iron raw material, also known as "Portland cement", is characterized by strength and resistance, two attributes that predestine the material for the production of robust stone figures.

In its liquid state, white cement can be easily poured into any mold, which after demolding results in a finished sculpture. You can get impressive specimens made of Portland cement online at gartendekoparadies.de.

Three unusual stone garden statues

1. figure the big mermaid statue

The 56 cm tall mermaid statue should not be missing from any garden pond. A place by the water is made for the long-haired mermaid. The scaled fish tail nestles the mermaid and exudes a feel-good atmosphere.

Statue of a mermaid with a gargoyle
Magical elf with beautiful rose

2. figure elf with rose

Lovers of mysticism enjoy stone figurines as mythical creatures, such as the elf with rose. The flower towers over the little elf, which looks at the viewer with peaceful eyes. The cute face and stretched wings reflect the lightheartedness of this unusual creature. A must-have for the cheerful garden lover!

3. Figur Manneken Pis

Mit der 73 cm großen Nachbildung des bekannten Manneken Pis ergänzen Sie Ihre Gartenstatuen um ein exklusives Stück. Die kleine Berühmtheit gehört zu Brüssels beliebten Figuren und gilt in Belgien als Touristenattraktion. Besucher Ihres Gartens werden über diesen kleinen Kerl aus dem Gartendekoparadies staunen.

In Ihrem Garten machen die Statuen "eine gute Figur". Wenn Sie einen Gärtner mit einer persönlichen Gabe überraschen möchten, können Sie ein außergewöhnliches Geschenk bereiten.

Manneken Pis: famous landmark of the city of Brussels

Stone figures as a gift

Wedding or birthday gift

Gifts for wedding, birthday or in between should express personality and individuality, so that the recipient remembers you. Recognition value have unusual garden statues, which the recipient does not yet own. Therefore, present a model that visually stands out from other stone statues.

Gift for the celebration in the garden

A suitable occasion for a stone statue as a gift is a celebration in the garden. Those present enjoy time in the greenery and like to relax at the sight of nature. For example, when a Chinese terracotta warrior stands guard at the birdbath, the sight arouses amazement in the observer.

Give a lucky charm as a gift

In gartendekoparadies.de you can also find lucky charms, such as the elephant-headed god Ganesha, who symbolizes wisdom, prudence and new beginnings.

Who is still missing the right stone statue in the garden, can accentuate with selected makes or point the style of living.

Stein-Statue der indianischen Götter

Different stone statues with unique appearance.

You decide whether to purchase sets of similar statues or combine any specimens. For example, if you place deities together, you create soothing ambience.

Alternatively, place sole garden statues from gartendekoparadies.de in your green space to grant the individual piece a special place. You determine the suitable location and thus the effect of the figures according to your preferences.

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