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Stone lanterns for the design of your outdoor area or Japanese garden


Stone lanterns are part of a Japanese garden. Japanese gardens are an expression of Japanese philosophy and history. Such gardens can be found partly on private property, in city parks, at Buddhist temples or Shinto shrines, as well as at historic sites such as old castles. Wikipedia

Stone lanterns were originally at the entrance of Buddhist and Asian temples.

All stone lanterns are made of sturdy mineral materials (white concrete, cast stone) and hand-patinated.

Stone lanterns originally stood at the entrance of Buddhist and Asian temples. Later, they were used in tea gardens to illuminate the way to the tea house or a prominent part of the garden.

Whereby not the bright light is the essential. Rather, it is about creating a special, even mysterious mood with the light, in order to make the Japanese Garden even more attractive, especially at dusk. Stone lanterns are the first step in every Asian garden.

The Rankei is a lighted stone lantern whose light box and roof are placed on a curved shaft.

A pagoda (Chinese 塔 tǎ) is a striking, multi-storey, tower-like structure whose individual floors are usually separated by projecting cornices or roof projections. In ancient times, the pagoda was used to create a certain spiritual-spiritual atmosphere. A pagoda always has an odd number of floors. In the vicinity of bridges, ponds and rivers, pagodas look particularly good, not only because of the artful contrast of horizontal and vertical elements, but also because towers so well show the water's ability to reflect.

Oki-Gata lanterns, are small stone lanterns. Mostly you will find this Japanese lantern on the edge of a bush or trees, on the edge of a pond, on the wayside or in small gardens and garden yards. Since they are very small and quite modest, these stone lanterns can be found in every Japanese garden.

Yukimi are classic snow-viewing stone lanterns and are very popular; they are situated near the water. Their low height and high-legged stance have something lightweight that is appreciated in a small space. Their name - snow viewing lanterns - gives them the graceful way they carry the snow on their roof. You get both hexagonal and round roof shapes.


All stone lanterns are made of stable mineral material (white concrete, stone casting) and patinated by hand.

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