Trolls - Norse Mythology - Fairy and Elf counterparts

Trolls are from Norse mythology. The trolls live in Utgard as counterparts to the fairy and elf. They usually have a big nose, more reminiscent of a potato. The trolls are mysterious and unreliable. They live according to legend in the forest. Also they are to be found in front gardens as small nimble and helpful trolls.

Our top hit: Troll with middle finger


All gnome & trolls - figurines are made of sturdy mineral materials (white concrete, cast stone) and hand-patinated.

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Troll Hi, here I am!
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Troll Flower greetings
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Troll Schnapps
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Troll You're silly
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Troll nose drill
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Troll Dracula
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Troll middle finger
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Funny Troll Lick me
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Troll Neanderthals
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Troll DJ "rock me"
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