Gargoyles figures: magical mythical creatures with a long tradition

The sight of Gargoyles figures immediately evokes memories of enchanted cathedrals and romantically wild nature gardens of long-forgotten country estates. Due to their fascinating effect, the winged demon figures enjoy great popularity among garden owners. The stone mythical creatures adorn as gargoyles countless famous religious buildings in the Gothic style. In addition to their original function of discharging rainwater from the roofs of the churches, they should also protect the faithful from evil influences and powers. Thanks to this tradition, Gargoyles' figures have experienced a renaissance in the romanticism of exterior design of buildings and parks. Today, they have a large following especially among fantasy fans. Gargoyles figures can also play their role as guardians and protectors in many private gardens. Our lavishly designed models give your property a medieval atmosphere and set the garden ponds, bird baths, in front of the house entrance or in the countryside with effective accents.


High-quality Gargoyles figures in timeless charmed look

In order for Gargoyles figures to exude their fascinating mystical aura in the garden, they must be worked in detail. Our winged fable figures are made of frost-hard and stable material in high material quality. The patination is done in elaborate handwork to effectively emphasize the traditional character of gothic gargoyles. Thanks to their timeless effect, our long-lived Gargoyles figures transform your garden into a dreamy fairytale landscape for many years. They are optimally weather-resistant and easily survive even long and chilly winter seasons. Each model in our collection impresses with its excellent price-performance ratio and the best possible material quality.


All gargoyle - figurines are made of sturdy mineral materials (white concrete, cast stone) and hand-patinated.

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