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Amphora as a flowerpot

25.03.2022 | Gartendekoparadies

Purposeful accents: design your garden with stone vessels

It is possible to merely offer something for sale, but it is also possible to do this with passion and out of a passion, because over time it has become a vocation! This is how our whole team of Gartendekoparadies sees itself.

We have dedicated our full attention to beautiful stone vessels of all kinds for the garden. As a specialized trade for stone figures our motto is: "Our passion is carved in stone" - because with our wide range of products you can create your own personal garden paradise in an unforgettable way! We support you in making your individual garden dreams come true. Why can we say this with conviction? Because our range of products is so rich and varied that every gardening enthusiast will find what his or her heart desires!

Our categories for you in a nutshell summarized:

  • Flower pots and planters
  • Figures & Statues
  • Columns & Pedestals
  • Beautiful
  • Stone lanterns
  • Fire bowls & garden stoves

...and of course regularly changing garden beauties may not be missing, which are to be found under the following column particularly inexpensive:

You can already see from the headlines of the categories, which versatility is present in the Gartendekoparadies, there are also unusual things like Buddha statues, angels, women and children figurines, gnomes, trolls, gargoyles and other gargoyles, animal figurines or classic stone lanterns to create the enchanting flair of a Japanese garden.

Our team at Gartendekoparadies will not only help you make your own garden a true paradise of tranquility, they will also act as an idea generator for a variety of great gift ideas and how they harmonize best together.

In addition, you will also find extremely practical things such as fire bowls and garden stoves in our assortment, so that it is light-filled and comfortably warm in their garden. Furthermore, with the fire bowls, of course, the ever-popular barbecue is possible. These exhibits, together with their accessories, in turn provide comfort and pleasure in your garden paradise.

What makes the stone vessels so extraordinary

Of course, a garden can be designed with anything, many quite different design ideas make something nowadays. However, stone objects are a very special eye-catcher, because despite their massive appearance and robustness, they seem at the same time filigree, noble and and elegant.

Such a stone figure immediately catches the eye of every visitor to your garden and attracts all eyes. Not infrequently, a well-chosen place for your stone vessels will advance to the absolute center of your garden idyll. These figurines, columns, slabs, pedestals, lanterns, vessels and enchanting decorative elements provide the eye-catcher par excellence in any garden. They radiate not only harmony and tranquility, but also a beauty and grace that is unparalleled.

Your specialized dealer offers you an extensive selection of such stone vessels of all kinds, which are also handmade unique specimens. The wealth of shapes, types and variations offered here will inevitably draw you under its spell.

Whether to beautify your own garden or as a unique gift idea, here every garden lover will find with beautiful, useful and practical.

For example, in the Gartendekoparadies you will also discover stepping stones, seating groups, drinking and bathing vessels for birds made of stone, i.e. quite practical things that are needed in every garden anyway. With stepping stones you mark paths, border beds, guide and point out special features, and if they are then of exceptional beauty, they serve as an additional feast for the eyes. For example, here are round stone slabs shaped in the Yin & Yang style, which have a beautiful koi carp motif. And the colorful birdlife of your garden will certainly drink and bathe with great pleasure in a pretty bird bath, which has the shape of a maple leaf.

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