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Engel bust

01.07.2022 | Gartendekoparadies

Harmony, grace and spirituality - the bust for your heart corner

The home garden is the place where you feel comfortable. Lush greenery, bright colors of flowers and corners of contemplation invite you and your family to linger.

What is missing for contemplative happiness in the midst of magnificent flowers and shrubs?

Discover the bust of your desires in the gartendekoparadies. Climb a new sphere and set individual accents with busts of your power animal, a deity and lovely angels. On to harmony, grace and spirituality!

Harmony - where is the best place for a bust?

You know. Live out your creativity. Busts, statues and intricately crafted planters show off your magnificence among plants and on pathways. Stone beds are just as suitable.

Does a bust of a friendly angel with outstretched wings inspire you to tell a story? The little protector of your garden makes himself comfortable in the shade of a rose next to your terrace. Benevolently, the mystical being accompanies your time out in the afternoon sun. How did the friend get into the flower bed?

Are you playing hide and seek? Create your heart corner at one point in the garden. Trees and large shrubs will keep your little secret. Find your heart corner at will and recharge your batteries in the peace and quiet.

Discover the treasure for your retreat in the gartendekoparadies.

Grace - which bust expresses your innermost?

Turn your innermost outward! What type are you? Lovely angel, muscular gargoyle or a Buddha sublime above all are among many others to choose from.

How about the head of a graceful beauty in the form of a planter? Attractiveness as your garden exudes. Conjure the face of the divine a contrasting hair in the form of a radiant flowering.

Our team at Gartendekoparadies will be happy to advise you on the wide range of models in the assortment.

Breathe deeply into yourself. Your inner voice guides your eyes. What is revealing itself to you?

Prove courage and do not be deterred by sinister looking Gargoyles. Not for nothing do these mythical creatures adorn churches and cathedrals.

Spirituality - what fulfills you?

Rest in yourself and your mind is free. At the sight of a bust of Buddha you have arrived at yourself. The crowned head of a lion in the form of a planter suggests you strength, determination and sovereignty. Fulfill your desires in the gartendekoparadies.

Do you know your personal angel? Give him a face. Look around in our store for your protector. The team will answer your questions.

Live creativity - now!

Design your heart corner and decorate the flower beds. Surround yourself with beauty and uniqueness - your garden is changing. Change is uniqueness.

Create the feel-good spots according to your standards. Inspiration can be found everywhere. Soak up the ideas and round them off with our offer. We look forward to seeing you.

Angels, gargoyles and lions will accompany you through the season in the green - and your gartendekoparadies!

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