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Buddha tealight

15.07.2022 | Gartendekoparadies

Find the right gift idea for your garden friend in the garden decoparadise

Flowers are a nice gift idea to please someone. But must it always be flowers that decorate the garden, or are there other gift ideas for garden lovers? The Gartendekoparadies and the following guide want to help you find the right gift.


In addition to the world-famous garden gnome, you have a variety of other options for adding life to your garden with a figurine. Animal figurines are among the best sellers, with dog and cat figurines at the forefront.

If you like it a little more delicate, the classic engraving is the right choice. For fairy tale fans, there are fantasy figures, princesses and dragons. For Asia fans, you can choose from the whole range of amazing Buddha garden figurines.

The figurines come not only in all sorts of shapes, but also in various materials. Whether wood, stone, metal, concrete or bronze, the selection in the garden decoration paradise is large.

However, it is important, no matter what gift idea you choose, to choose the material appropriate to the conditions. For example, there are materials that are less weather resistant than others and can be seen fast rust traces. Attention should also be paid to the weight, so that the figures remain in place even during heavy storms.


Especially for the evening and night hours and in the fall or winter, it is nice if the garden is illuminated. This creates a cozy atmosphere. There are several options available for this as well.

For example, chains of lights can be installed or torches and lanterns can be set up. These also come in various designs, but most outdoor lanterns are made of glass. But there are also some made of plastic, metal or stone and some others.

Garden ovens

Garden stoves can also be used as a form of light source. In addition, stoves offer other advantages such as bringing heat.

The same is true for fire bowls. Just like garden stoves, these immediately catch the eye, create a romantic and heartwarming atmosphere and are a nice alternative to lights and warming lamps.


Columns are also a creative idea to give the garden its own unique flair. For example, if you want a shabby-style garden, columns with integrated water features are recommended. Columns made of clay also support this style.

If the garden radiates more of a Zen atmosphere, wooden columns are suitable.

Vessels - tubs and pots

Vessels and pots are always a nice gift idea when you want to please a garden friend. So that this gift does not come across so lonely, there is the possibility, for example, to give a flower pot in combination with seeds.

Decorate small gardens beautifully

Also for smaller gardens, the Gartendekoparadies has beautiful gift ideas. However, care should be taken that these do not take up too much of the garden area, otherwise the garden will be crushed. A nice idea is, for example, hanging or floating decoration. Also beautifully designed birdhouses, which can be hung on a tree, give the garden a woke atmosphere.

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