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Troll figurine as mystical, aesthetic decoration in your garden paradise.

A troll figurine is a charming eye-catcher especially if you have an outdoor area or cooking in a wild-romantic look. However, the humorous and sometimes naughty figures can be used on terraces and balconies.

Troll hi here I am

An enchanting garden decoration for any outdoor space

Imaginative troll figures are available in heights of 18 centimeters, 20 centimeters, 24 centimeters and in the XXL variant with 37 centimeters. The figures are made of cast stone / white concrete and score especially with their mischievous design. A troll figure can equally serve as an eye-catcher at a small garden pond, on lawns as well as in a lush flower bed.

By using several different stone figurines, you can transform your garden into an enchanted retreat that will take your mind to imaginative worlds. The sympathetic enchanted forest figures will also give your garden decoparadise a very individual and personal look. Especially in gardens that are left in their natural state, a charming flair can be created by various, playful troll figures.

Trolls made of weatherproof white concrete cast stone

Troll You're silly

Due to modern manufacturing processes in conjunction with traditional craftsmanship, the cast stone made of white concrete is weather-resistant as well as frost-proof. Thus, for a troll figurine no after-treatment and extensive care is necessary.

A troll figure is a mythical creature, which originally comes from Norse mythology.

XXL Troll everything is great

Fairy tales, stories and legends often tell of the trolls' mischievous behavior, which was often not entirely harmless to humans. However, according to Scandinavian tradition, trolls often developed friendly feelings towards some people. Thus these could often count on the help of the trolls. Today, a troll figures can be found in several fantastic stories, so that the stone figures in a garden decoparadise may not be missing.

Troll DJ rock me

The sculptures made of white concrete cast stone are available in many variants, such as with the gesture "Alles Prima" or as a DJ troll with headphones. However, you can also find cheeky formations such as a troll figure as a nose picker or the troll schnapps nose. Online you can choose from various models that can be used for any purpose in the garden, on the terrace or balcony.

Troll nose drill

Magical troll sculptures for your individual garden decoparadise.

The mythical creatures are crafted with enormous ears and prominent noses as well as various details. Especially the latter formations form the unique character, gestures and facial expressions of the respective troll figures. Due to the innovative manufacturing processes, the sculptures have a remarkably long life. The weight of the various trolls ranges from 3 kilograms to 21 kilograms, depending on the model size.

The footprint for an XXL Troll figurine can be about 20 by 19 centimeters, the footprint for smaller models is about 15 centimeters by 12 centimeters. Since the sculptures thus require little space, they can be easily accommodated in a garden decoparadise. Especially hidden between perennials and bushes Troll sculptures made of cast stone look like guests from another world.

Production of the fantastic troll sculptures

Cast stone made of white concrete is a modern material, which due to its individual components is frost-resistant, weatherproof and therefore also very durable. Significant basic materials used in the manufacture of troll sculptures are gravel, sand and white cement, as well as a very fine mixture of quartz sand.

Other ingredients include different concrete plastic tempering, which can significantly improve the flowability of the concrete. Figurines for your garden decoparadise are then produced with the help of a prepared mold in the so-called stone casting process. The material of the molds is often silicone or latex. In addition, multi-part shells are often used, which are made of robust fiberglass polyester.

To prevent air inclusions in the white concrete as far as possible, the material is compacted in the concrete casting mold by means of a vibrating table and vibrations. Due to the high compaction, an exceptionally aesthetic and detailed representation of the sculptures is achieved, which will provide you with many years of enjoyment of the various products. Thus, you will receive troll figurines for your garden decoparadise, which have a flawless and outstanding quality.