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Gargoyle the maniac

A gargoyle figure for the garden

In the garden decoration paradise you can get unique gargoyles as garden decoration

If you want to decorate your green space in a medieval way, your garden figurine should be a mythical creature. Mythical creatures awaken fantasy worlds in people's minds, whose facets seem endless and harbor figures that remain a mystery to this day. Among the well-known mystical creatures is the gargoyle figure, whose appearance is somewhat reminiscent of a dragon. These creatures look quite human, but can also have animal features, depending on facial expressions and posture.

Online, for friends of the unusual, there are many varieties of gargoyles, which you can place in the garden and create your own kingdom of magical creatures.

Buying a gargoyle figurine on the Internet - the uncomplicated purchase.

Although local dealers offer decoration for your garden, but the selection is limited to a few copies to make the assortment wide. You can access an extensive range of gargoyles on the Internet site "Gartendekoparadies" and pick your favorite. For virtual shopping you invest only a little time and can calmly look at your favorite figure and order, without crowds at the checkout.

At any time of the day or night you can browse the online store and look at the funny, creepy and unusual gargoyles for your garden.

uncomplicated purchase
Gargoyle bust III

Gargoyle as a garden figure - a mythical creature with character.

The facial expression is considered an outstanding feature of gargoyles, because each specimen captivates with unique facial features and the emotions that can be guessed in them. From grim to mischievous to playful and watchful, you can recognize the essence of gargoyles in their faces.

At Gartendekoparadies lovingly crafted gargoyles are for sale, the making of which captivates with details.

Mimic wrinkles, noses, teeth and eyes of the mythical creatures are clearly recognizable and give the gargoyles individuality. Each model results from elaborate design and is defined by unique details that characterize each gargoyle.

For your greenery, there is sure to be the right gargoyle that will accentuate your garden or any other place you choose.

The variety of gargoyles - four extravagant figures presented

If you prefer an animal-like gargoyle figure, "The giant gatekeeper" is a solution. The four-legged gargoyle with a loyal look resembles a dog wearing a heavy chain around its neck. The chain, like the rest of the figure, is made of white concrete or cast stone.

In himself rests "The Guardian", sitting prudently in his place and carrying the large wings folded in a relaxed manner, which give him an impressive figure. A total size of 40 cm, two pointed, erect ears and a gentle look characterize the gatekeeper.

You should take the "spinner" with humor, because the gargoyle shrewdly sticks out his tongue and blithely looks into the world with big eyes. His world can be your garden, if you put the 39 cm gargoyle in your plant, perhaps together with other gargoyles.

Two large Gargoyle busts
Gargoyle Dragon on ball

Garden figure mythical creature - as a single piece or in a group

You can purchase your gargoyle as a single piece and visually enhance your garden with this unusual decoration.

Alternatively, you put several of the figures together and can creatively implement ideas with the matching makes. If you prefer contrasts, you can, for example, combine the thoughtful-looking "Special Model Gargoyle 2" with the humorous "The Madman".

In size, the gargoyles are similar to each other and form a harmonious overall picture even in multiples.

The choice of location for your Gargoyle figure can be based on your ingenuity to realize your ideas.

The right place for the garden figurine as a mythical creature.

On a wall, the gargoyles from Gartendekoparadies look primal and as if made for this place.

You can greet your visitors at the entrance to your house with a gargoyle or embellish your bird bath in the garden with a gargoyle.

It is up to you to choose the place for the Gargoyle figure, because the stone mythical creatures impress in every living area.

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