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Child figure on the bench

gartendekoparadies.de, your store for beautiful garden decoration

Beautiful and decorative garden figures from gartendekoparadies.de

The design of interiors and exteriors is always an individual thing. Because everyone has his own style and his own taste. This can be best emphasized with the appropriate accessories. With decorative items and many other little things, a very personal concept is created. This applies not only to the apartment, but also to the garden. With flowers, garden chairs and many other details, a small paradise is created at home and a small oasis of relaxation.

Außenbereiche dekorieren und gestalten

Are you still looking for beautiful decorative elements for your garden or terrace?

With the articles from the range of https://www.gartendekoparadies.de/en/c/figures-and-statues/children-and-angels.

You bring a very personal touch to your garden. And also on the terrace or balcony, make the decorative elements from the store very well. Save yourself the long search, because the gartendekoparadies.de has exactly what you want. Just be inspired by the online offer.

Maybe you love angels

Then the garden angels from gartendekoparadies.de may be just right for you. Sitting, feminine angel figures with long hair and large wings, standing angels with praying hands, sleeping baby angels or small pretty cherubs, all this has the category "garden figures" to offer you. Get the popular winged creatures with an angel garden figure from the store in your garden and set in this way literally "heavenly" accents.

Gift for friends

Whether for yourself or as a gift for friends, even if you are looking for an alternative to an angel garden figure, there are many more interesting decoration ideas for you to discover in gartendekoparadies.de. Just browse through the offer at your leisure and choose, for example, a garden figure child, a pair of children sitting on a bench, a girl with a book in her hand or children on a seesaw.

Decoration ideas for all

Whether for the balcony, for the garden or for the terrace, the figures fit everywhere and can be placed quite arbitrarily. Some of the figures can even be additionally planted with flowers or greenery. Depending on the model, the figures are between 20 cm and almost 70 cm tall and made of solid white concrete / cast stone. And of course, the garden figures can be combined with other decorative elements at will. Order among other things:

  • Garden figure child
  • a pair of grandparents on a bench
  • putti
  • Madonna figures
  • praying angels
  • sleeping angels
  • children with hanging baskets
  • kissing couples
  • Children with hat in hand

Garden figures just as you like

Decorate flower beds, lawns and other areas in your garden

Chapel with the statue of St. Mary

Or even a mini chapel with a statue of Mary as a decoration for your garden and enrich the outdoor area with beautifully designed figures in solid design. Decorate flower beds, lawns and other areas in your garden and look forward to beautifully designed small statues in different designs. The figures all look a little romantic and playful but not kitschy due to the simple look in white-gray. This gives them the special charm.

Besides, the assortment in gartendekoparadies.de has to offer you various other beautiful decoration ideas. Among them, various stone lanterns or beautifully shaped fire bowls and garden fireplaces. Take a look there as well and have a look around!

Decorative figurines for the garden order online

Whether a garden figure child or an angel, you liked one or the other figure? Then click on the product description for more information about size, weight, material and price. And with another mouse click, your favorite figurine lands in your shopping cart. You then only need to choose the payment method and one of the beautiful figurines is already yours. Look forward to fast shipping and free shipping for orders within Germany.

Sleeping Angel

Children & Angels