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Buddha small

Buddha figure as a guardian of tranquility in the garden paradise

Through Buddha figurines from the garden decoparadise you will receive models made of white concrete / cast stone, which will enrich your green area, your terrace or even a balcony with Far Eastern flair.

An aesthetically shaped Buddha garden figure can be represented, for example, standing, kneeling and sitting or lying. In general, Buddha figures stand for harmony in home and garden.

Gartendekoparadies - Buddha figure as a symbol of serenity

Big Buddha Temple Guardian exclusive

Buddhism stands equally for exuberance and relaxing meditation. The Buddha sculpture itself is also complemented by other motifs such as the koi. The selection of different models of Buddha figurines is very diverse in the Gartendekoparadies and therefore offers you particularly valuable models made of weatherproof white concrete / cast stone.

Buddha antik

The different designs of the Buddha garden figure also have different meanings. For example, standing sculptures of the Buddha are upright and slender. Often, a progressive gait is also symbolized. Here, especially the hand posture of the Buddha figures comes into its own. The palms are often openly stretched forward, which is symbolically to dispel fears.

Lying Buddha

Reclining Buddha figures, which are available in a variety of models in the Garden Decoparadise, are intended to convey a profound meaning. Traditionally, the Buddha garden figure thereby lies on its right side of the body and the head is located on the right side of the hand. The feet of the sculpture are arranged in parallel. Spiritually, this type of Buddha is about to enter nirvana. Buddha busts and heads represent the radiance of the sculpture itself. This particularly evokes calm and harmony.

Choosing the perfect Buddha garden figure

If you have not yet decided on a specific location for your Buddha figurines, there are a few aspects to consider. Your Buddha garden figurine should be placed in such a way that it does not seem obtrusive and still acts as an eye-catcher. This can be, for example, in a colorful flower bed or even as a solitaire directly at the house.

The detailed sculptures made of white concrete / cast stone are also excellent on gravel surfaces to show off. However, the Buddha statues or statuettes should always be placed in your field of vision, so that you and your visitors can enjoy the garden figure.

To deepen the Asian theme, you can integrate Far Eastern plants.

Filigree evergreen bamboo is particularly suitable as a background for a Buddha sculpture. This will create a highly harmonious atmosphere in your garden. Another suitable location for any kind of Buddha garden figure are the edges of a small watercourse or pond. If there are also koi in it, the Far Eastern charm is perfect.

The proportions of your Buddha sculpture should be adapted to the respective garden design. Thus, lying Buddhas, depending on the design, often require a space of about two meters to be effective. The ground should be paved for larger models. Often, however, a gravel bed is already sufficient. For XXL Buddhas, a small foundation or pedestal is often necessary, so that the stability is given in all weather conditions.

Buddha bust

Tête de Bouddha - un buste fascinant du paradis des déco de jardin

Les sculptures de Bouddha qui représentent uniquement la tête créent toujours une atmosphère qui respire l'harmonie, la grâce et la spiritualité. Il s'agit ici d'une sculpture qui attire tous les regards grâce à sa réalisation détaillée en béton blanc / fonte de pierre.

La représentation montre Bouddha de manière classique, soit avec les yeux fermés, soit avec une mine très satisfaite. Les mains sont souvent jointes sur les jambes croisées de la statue de jardin.

Une autre version montre un Bouddha souriant qui tient un koï dans ses mains. Ces deux symboles de l'histoire orientale donnent également une impression de satisfaction qui devrait se transmettre aux habitants de la maison.

L'aura presque mystique des différentes sculptures de Bouddha confère à votre espace extérieur une décoration très évocatrice, qui s'intègre très facilement dans tout type d'aménagement de jardin.

Les sculptures de qualité sont conçues avec soin, résistent au gel et aux intempéries. Ainsi, même en automne et en hiver, les sculptures de bouddha attirent l'attention à l'extérieur.

Big Buddha with koi